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she kills with no life to spare [entries|friends|calendar]
Ash <3

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[25 Mar 2013|08:46am]

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[ I'll follow you into the dark ] [29 Apr 2012|09:54pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Lots of stuff happening this year.

Firstly, in January I was promoted to another store. So far so good, the team seems to like me (I think.. )

February I went to NY for a week for training for my position and had a really great time, and learned so much!! Had a guy that would scream into his phone for hours in the hotel room next door though and that was actually terrifying. oh the things you remember most. and then when I came home my sister had her baby! Baby Jax was born February 25th <3 So cute!!

March was a pretty boring month overall, nothing crazy happened. I saw the hunger games? that was fun haha It was actually pretty boring overall, but very well acted and also pretty decently followed the story, if you read the book you'll be kind of annoyed by some major missing things that actually will eff up the second movie because they didnt happen but overall, Id see it again.

April has been a blast. Ever since I went to NY for that training I have wanted to become a training store director (which is basically the store manager but they also train all the new store directors and specialist) Jeff knew about this and set me up to train two of the new leads in the company, one of them is ours, and one of them is going to the cape cod store! I loved it! I actually never thought I could teach because Ive always shoved people out of the way to just do everything myself haha so its nice that I learned some patience.

I just had a 5 day mini vacation to see my new nephew and spent some time with Logan my other nephew, this is a picture of the first time they saw each other! So cute!!!

I hope everyone else is still doing well :)
Believe me, I read everyday! <3

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[ sing me something soft, sad and delicate or loud and out of key, sing me anything. ] [29 Apr 2010|12:38am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So im officially a married woman! 

Hawaii was absolutely amazing, unreal, and if you ever go, you wont want to come back.  The people were incredible and i couldnt believe how nice everyone was.   There were street peddlers everywhere throwing fliers at you and asking you to go to all sorts of parties and one guy we told that we already had plans, and he was asking us what the plans were, where we were from, what we were doing there.. and then gave us directions to the place we had plans too!  Theyre just so damn nice.

We got there sunday, monday we got the marriage license, tuesday we got married (then piled into me and marks room to watch lost..) wednesday was a luau for a reception, thursday was the lost tour, friday was pearl harbor, saturday was snorkeling!!! so many things were packed into this vacation, it was exhausting haha.  I dont have a tan, and i only got one full beach day, and the sun is so hot there that you can only sit out for maybe 10 minutes before you have to jump in the 80 degree ocean!  you had to wear shoes, or run really fast on the beach because the sand was so hot haha

Dog the bounty hunter was on our flight home, and he was terrifying... so we didnt ask him for a picture.  And Joel Madden from good charlotte was on our connecting flight home.  Pretty neat.  It surprises me that celebs would fly united, you would think they would want better technology in their planes.. I mean, they certainly have the money to fly delta or jet blue!

I will probably have pictures up on monday, Mark is still editing them so they are perfect.  Between everyone in my family we have over 7000 pictures haha intense.

The necklaces that victoria made for my family were so beautiful, everyone loved them and wore them for most of the vacation :) 

<3 please go if you can!! please please please!

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[ get all worked up, then i let myself down ] [05 Jan 2010|08:16am]
[ mood | amused ]

Everything will be better this year, this decade!

2009 really kicked my ass.  It put me in a place I had never been, and never want to go back to.  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to figure my shit out.  Im hoping to get some anti anxiety medication, and get some what could be skin cancer spots checked out.  I refuse to let things not be good this year.

Im getting Married in April, Finally sent my credit card info to the travel agent and we are booking asap!  My dad and I are going to look for houses in the summer, granted i get a full time job by then.  and we are going to purchase a two family with an in law within the next year/two Id like to have some kids but i can't with my job lifestyle until i have a home, and my parents closer to me to watch them ;)

I have 2 jobs, plus doing hair on the side and making crafts to sell online (which ive totally slacked on) This week im working 39 hours between both jobs, and doing 7 possibly 8 hair appointments, this will just break me even to what i was making this time last year.  Sad huh?

What i did realize this year is that I can live on very little.  Ive starved myself, Ive been wearing socks and underwear with holes in them, just so i can save all of my money.  I can just pay my bills with little more than 20 bucks to my name at the end of the month.   This time last year i had clocked in at 32,000 bucks, when i looked at my paystub i had made merely 16k. Literally half of what i made in 2008.  ugh. It makes me sick to think of where that money went when id id have an extra 16 grand.  I lived the same way, only i ate more subs for lunch.  It will prepare me for when im making more money though.  Ill know how much i can live off of, and save the rest.  This year, is the year for me, im going to do things i want to do. Im going to do things because they are the right thing to do even if i dont want to also.  Sounds like a double edged sword.

I had a great New years eve with Mark.  We went to my brothers for a big party and had a blast.  We only planned to stay for 2 hours (work the next day) but ended up staying for like 6 hours ! haha and got totally obliterated.  It was enjoyable though.

Hope everyone has a splended 2010.

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2009 [05 Jan 2010|08:06am]
2009Collapse ).2009Collapse )
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[ so cold! ] [08 Dec 2009|08:21am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

My goodness I'm Exhausted!

I have worked 55 hours a week for the last 3 weeks and I am wiped. Im barely making any money too. I am just making my bills but I have absolutely no money for me! :( So unfair. Im hoping sephora will just offer me full time after the holidays so I can stop this crazy work schedule. Its killing me. I only see Mark one day a week, and that day this week is to be filled with laundry and seeing my family because i dont see them anymore either, today is my brothers birthday.

Im only on hour 3 of 17 today, and im so not looking forward to it. As much as i complain, i know id be complaining more if my hours were being cut instead of added on. Im on call today but i know that i will stay even though i really dont want to. I think my biggest problem is that they keep giving me closing shifts on the day before my early morning gym shift, so i only get 4 hours of sleep before i need to work 18 the next day. I cant say anything because they think theyre doing me a favor by working "around" my gym job anyway.

Im super stressed out and Ive been snapping at Mark a ton lately. Sorry bud.

I need to play the lottery and use the secret to put it out in the universe to let me win ;) haha

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[03 Nov 2009|08:45am]
[ mood | bored ]

Tomorrow I find out if I'm going to need surgery on my elbow. I just read online about workers comp, and found out that in most cases you have to see a doctor that they tell you to see. I did't know this and I've already gone to the ER once and im seeing a specialist tomorrow.... So I'm figuring ill just bill sephora anyway and tell them it wasnt my fault because they said to me "go wherever, heres your claim number" hmmm.

Its almost a little sad that I hope that I need surgery so I can be out of work for a little bit and get paid for it because I'm beginning to remember why I hated going there in the first place ha. Already starting with the hour cutting and I can't do anything to make up for it because my arm is useless, so no cutting hair, and no jewelery making :( Sucks.

I was also thinking about how I wanted to take the firefighter exam next year (the reason im working at the gym, and the extra money helps) And now I will not be physically able to do it, I can no longer lift anything weighing more than 5 pounds without serious pain and probably will have arthritis in that elbow for the rest of my life. I was told I won't be able to extend it all the way back again :( Im only a quarter of the way through life and I'm broken already. Fun!

Im going to go Christmas shopping today. I need to start my list. Mark is only getting one big gift and maybe a couple of tiny ones, but i can't afford too too much this year unfortunately. I'll be using my credit card for almost all of christmas and then paying it off til next christmas, in hopes that i get a full time job in between. My brother, sister and in laws will all be putting our names into a hat and picking that way of whom we will be buying for, intead of getting for each individual. So thats a huuuuge help!

I can never figure out what to get for my parents. I totally suck at it. I hate giving them gift cards, and my dad always just buys whatever he needs and then never uses the stuff you get him for christmas... Maybe ill try to get him some tickets to a game or something. At least itll be used!

Im freezing my ass off, its always like 12 degrees in the gym, and then someone decides to open the window and make it that much more unbearable! jerks


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[ Don't get a job if you can't show up ] [26 Oct 2009|07:52am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

To start this off, picture me in a sling, with a fractured elbow, typing this one handed... with a blazing cold and thoughts about marks family as we just found out his grandfather has passed away.  While im at work (At the gym) and i get a call that someone is calling out because they are too hung over to come in and need me to stay til at least 11 to cover their ass. 

If i fucking made it out of bed today to show up for my shift of which im working for 16 hours today (Sephora after this) you can show up and hit the enter button on the computer and read a book for your 7 hour shift.  

This angers me more than you know.  I hate being the reliable one, i hate not being able to trust this shithead to show up for his shifts.  This is the 5th time in 4 weeks ive been asked to either cover his shift or stay an extra hour until he comes in because he made a doctors appt during the hour that hes supposed to be here, not only one but fucking two! 

I have friday off this week because im covering someone elses shift today, but i have to come in on friday anyway to cover an hour of his shift because the other girl working also has to get to work by 11 that day.  

Im so fucking over this.  Its not worth the extra money.  I love saving, but i hate feeling panicky that im not going to get out of here on time every fucking time i work.  He's only been here for like 5 weeks maybe 6 and hes called out twice, and showed up late 3 times, at least by an hour.  How is this acceptable? I show up for my shifts on time, and do my work, even when im barely alive. Thanks asshole. you just destroyed my mood. fuck you.

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[ So exhausted ] [16 Oct 2009|05:59am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Its snowing out :(

It disturbs me how the closer my wedding comes, the more men hit on me.  At the gym I work at we have this guy that comes in and drops off the carpets and picks up the dirty ones.  He comes once a week and is very friendly, remembers my name, the whole shebang.  Today after 5 weeks of chatting with me he says "oh, youre engaged?  Is that new?"  I love responding with "No i've been engaged for 2 years actually"  I love getting mens hopes up just to give them a crushing blow of a 6 year relationship. 

This is about the 4th guy in 6 weeks to give me some sort of unhappiness towards my engagement.  Did I suddenly become more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex for the first time in my life?  I remember in high school I did'nt even want to admit that I had a crush on a boy because I knew he would be horrified! and embarassed that someone like me would even consider it!  Haha.  Terrible.

I tried to book our Hawaiin trip through expedia (after hearing many many good things)  Well that turned out very badly.   I went to purchase everything after 45 minutes of making sure everything I pressed was correct.  When I hit purchase, it came up saying "actually your flight has changed and it is now $1500 dollars more than we quoted you!"  So they charged my card 4Grand instead of 2500.  I instantely freaked out, had a panic attack and called them, probably shouldve waited to call but i was fuming, how could they do this to someone at the last second?!

The guy on the phone gave me 3 different excuses and kept changing his story.  I told him to fuck himself (which really i shouldnt have its not his fault he works for a shitty company)  first I was told i was booking too early and thats why it was so expensive, then 5 minutes later he said "well you are trying to book a flight that doesnt have enough seats left"  Oh really? i thought that I was booking toooo early! why would there be no seats left if it was too early? ugh.

I did however get in contact with a Travel agent through a destination wedding forum Ive been on for a few months.  I am way less stressed now that shes going to take care of everything and all i have to do is send her a check for a deposit.  Hopefully she'll be able to find some really good rates for us so everyone can still go.  My dad told me that if it was going to be 2 grand per person then he couldnt go but told me to keep the money and put it as a down payment on a house!  That would be superb but i would rather have a wedding with my family involved.

Im super stressed and now have stress eczema (real fun) all over my ankles, so itchy when shoes hit it!

<3 xo

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[ be careful what you wish for ] [11 Oct 2009|11:01pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]


Remember when I used to complain about the hundred year old dude that snored all night that lived downstairs??  Well he moved out about a month ago and me and mark had a celebration Yayyyyy for Sleeping!!

well, we have a new young couple (i feel so old and married and sound like my dad)  but they are LOUD.  They do everything loud, they get up at 7am and talk to each other LOUD, they watch their tv so loud that i know what they have on, oh and its on all day long even if they arent home we've noticed.  And tonight, im by myself reading a new book, enjoying a glass of wine when all of a sudden.. MY bed starts shaking and i start hearing gross dude groaning sounds, followed by even grosser woman groaning sounds.  Yup they have sex LOUD, and apparently are very Mobile or something because if my bed was shaking you can imagine whats going on down there.  I wanted to embarass them a bit, and they dont know mark and i are young (havent seen us yet)

So in the middle of this all night extravaganza i decided to stomp on the floor a couple of times like a "hey im up here assholes"  I heard laughter followed by the guy saying "welp, im done now"   so i guess ill have to use that tool more often.

I feel bad for the asian family next to them, they have two 10 year old twin boys and their bedroom is adjacent to the nasty sexers bedroom.  If i could hear that, man, i can only imagine what the poor young boys heard.

I hate apartments and i need to buy a house.. . like, today! ugh.

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